When you want to build a brand reputation, keep in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Every piece of marketing should support and reinforce the brand reputation and the perception of your identity you hope to build in the mind of your audience and potential consumer.

Content marketing is a fantastic way for brands to build reputations. Consider it the proof that sits in the pudding. We’re going to use Pedigree as an example. Not only have they told the world, “We’re for dogs” in their advertising, they back up that perception on their web site and in their content marketing. That site provides all kinds of tools, articles, and information that supports the brand reputation they want to build.

Content creation serves a purpose

In the Pedigree “All Things Dog” section of their web page, you’ll find information on everything from Adopting & Preparing, to Health, Food & Safety, to Training & Socialization. They have content that’s specific to puppies and adult dogs, and a section devoted to helping dogs through adoption. After all, if you’re “for dogs,” you should be for pet adoption. The Help Dogs section also includes a fundraising section and a community for dog lovers.

By providing content that supports the perception that Pedigree is a company that both cares about dogs and has valuable information about dogs, they’re building their brand reputation. They’re taking a “show, don’t tell” approach. They don’t just tell you what they are, they reinforce that with proof. To further the idea, Pedigree also partnered with NBC and the Broadway musical Annie to find a shelter dog to star alongside Lilla Crawford. And what’s more for dogs than finding a shelter dog to star in a Broadway show?

What your content says about you

Think about how your company can follow that example, and consider what content you’re providing that supports the brand reputation you want to build. If you’ve positioned your company as an expert, your content marketing should demonstrate that expertise. If your marketing focus centers on the attitude and character of your brand, that character and attitude should shine through in every piece you create. Or, if you want your audience to consider you and empathetic, caring company, keep the lines of communication open when you create a piece of content marketing.

What you say leaves a lasting impression

Be sure you follow up on feedback. Because while you never get a second chance to make that first impression, you have all kinds of chances to reinforce the one you want to build.